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2018 March 19. Monday
Malom Guesthouse | Királykúti street 50. H-2027 Dömös | Phone: +36 30 2 460 460 | info@domosvendeghaz.hu


Malom Guesthouse (Guesthouse “the Mill”) – formerly a working watermill – is located in Dömös, one of the most picturesque and appreciated hiking areas of the Danube Bend. The guesthouse is in the forest at the bank of the Malom stream right along the hiking trail that leads to the ravine called Rám-szakadék

Many of the hikers consider Dömös the gateway of the enchanting Pilis and Visegrád mountains. Walking up Királykúti utca in Dömös we soon reach the valley of Szőke-forrás, then Rám-szakadék, Dobogokő, and the scenic rock formations of Vadálló-kövek at the mountain top of Prédikálószék. The guesthouse is right next to this hiking trail, in close symbiosis with the forest.
There are nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms on two floors. We have some communal areas as well – there is a living room, a bar room, a winter garden, a dining room and a sauna. A fully equipped kitchen serves the guests of the house. There is an outdoor fireplace in our spacious garden. We provide a cooking cauldron and skewers for outdoor cooking.
There is a mini playground with swings for little ones and a ping pong table to make your stay refreshing.
We believe this truly magical place is great for nature loving groups of friends, or can be ideal for team building, yoga workshop, meditation groups and retreats.
The village of Dömös is located in Komárom-Esztergom county, in the Danube Bend on the right bank of the River Danube. The distance between Dömös and Budapest is 45 km, Visegrád is 6 km away. The village can be conveniently reached by the county road 11, but many visitors take buses or seasonal river cruises to reach this little picturesque village. The guesthouse is at 50 Királykúti utca, roughly 500 meters away from the center, if you follow the red, yellow or green hiking trails towards Rám-szakadék. The house can also be reached by car. After the Forestry gate at Királykúti utca you need to cross the little green bridge on the left. You can park your car at the court of the guesthouse.

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