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2018 March 19. Monday
Malom Guesthouse | Királykúti street 50. H-2027 Dömös | Phone: +36 30 2 460 460 | info@domosvendeghaz.hu


About us

My name is Bence Gyergyák. I was born in Budapest but for more than a year now I've been permanently living in Dömös with my dogs. Even as a child I was enthusiastic about nature and here in Dömös I could find my dreams – forests, mountains, streams, dogs and peace. This is the place I call my real home.
Dominó Mona


Malom Guesthouse - Dömös

H-2027 Dömös, Királykúti u. 50–52.
+36 30 2 460 460
The guesthouse is nearly 120 years old. Originally it was a working watermill later it was rebuilt and used as a hunting lodge.
After the Second World War the place was socialized and became a state property. It was used as a state-run vacation home for about 40 years. In 1990 the house became privately owned again and was totally redecorated in 2007. The unique authentic atmosphere has remained, while many modern facilities are installed.
Starting from July 2016 it works as a guesthouse.
The village of Dömös is located in Komárom-Esztergom county, in the Danube Bend on the right bank of the River Danube. The distance between Dömös and Budapest is 45 km, Visegrád is 6 km away. The village can be conveniently reached by the county road 11, but many visitors take buses or seasonal river cruises to reach this little picturesque village. The guesthouse is at 50 Királykúti utca, roughly 500 meters away from the center, if you follow the red, yellow or green hiking trails towards Rám-szakadék. The house can also be reached by car. After the Forestry gate at Királykúti utca you need to cross the little green bridge on the left. You can park your car at the court of the guesthouse.


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